Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ships in the Night

I had a little operation last week ~ nothing major, but it's kept me on the sofa recuperating for a few days with barely even any energy to knit (cue shocked gasps!)

But at the foot of my sofa is a thrifted picture I adore, of a ship sailing a moonlit ocean. Here is a terrible photo of that picture:

I just love paintings and pictures of the night, especially when you add in the romance of a gentle ocean and a ship setting off on an adventure. There is something about moonlight on waves, about silver and midnight blue, and the lines and shadows and hints of things that would be laid bare and bereft of mystery during the day. There is a gentle hint of adventure, a thrill of horizons yet to be discovered when dawn warms the sky.
And so although I have been too weak and feeble to get up to anything of much interest, make anything fun, or even finish the tutorials I had planned, I did manage to browse some beautiful artwork on Etsy and put together this Treasury: 

You can see the whole treasury here, and I hope you will take a few minutes to do so ~ there are some very talented artists whose work would be better served by a more detailed view. And who knows, maybe one of these prints and pictures will capture your heart and send you off on an adventure of your very own, dreaming on a ship through the night . . .

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