Saturday, 4 May 2013

A Crafter's Wedding List

Spring is here! Blue skies abound, buds and blossoms are bursting and blooming all around, and wedding season is well under way.

The last wedding I went to was lovely. A very dear friend marrying a wonderful guy. Both of them had been married before and had done the whole big White Wedding thing, and this ceremony was a much smaller, intimate, personal event, and as a result was one of the loveliest weddings I have ever had the fortune of attending.
The only thing that made me uncomfortable was that they had asked people not to give them gifts. They already had all the toasters, cutlery and electric can-openers that they could ever need, and simply wanted to share their special day with their friends and family. And while I understood and respected their decision, I felt a little sad ~ I really enjoy giving someone a special gift to mark such a special occasion, it doesn't have to be a big expensive gift (I'm way too skint for that!) but a thoughtful, meaningful, homemade present can be a pleasure to give and receive.

I started to wonder, what would I have done in their situation? I wouldn't want gifts either, but I do love keepsakes from pretty much everything I do. And then an idea hit me that I just had to share . . .

from Sew and Quilt

I would ask everyone to bring a 12" square of fabric. It could be something they have bought from a shop, or an upcycled piece from an old pillowcase, shirt, or summer skirt. You could specify a colour range if you likes, such as pinks or blues, or pastels or brights.

from Always Knitting and Sewing

Then after the wedding, when you get back from honeymoon and life is settling back into a rhythm, take your squares out and sew them into a patchwork heirloom quilt. You could cut each square down into smaller squares if you wanted to, or keep them the size they are, which ever works best for the colours you've ended up with. I would be tempted to either embroider or quilt the gifter's initials into each patch too, but that might be a bit much. ;)

So what do you think of my idea? I almost wish I was getting married so I could do this myself, maybe I'll save the idea for my 50th birthday instead!

If you like the idea but don't know how to quilt, there's a fabulous tutorial on Georgina Giles website.

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  1. Awww that's cute!!! What a neat idea!