Thursday, 31 July 2014

British Folk Art

Yesterday I spent a lovely day in my favourite Capital City in the whole wide world ~ London!
My friend and I finally found time to go and see the Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain, and it was well worth the wait.  
This Chicken is not quite so Cheery ~ it was made from discarded mutton bones by Napoleonic prisoners of war!
I've long been a fan of Folk Art, it has such a comfortable appeal. Unlike the grand splendour of Fine Art, Folk Art feels achievable ~ despite the obvious talent of the artisans and crafters exhibited, the rustic homeliness of their creations feels like something you could have a go at yourself, and even if you know perfectly well that your efforts will never be quite up to their standards you also know you will end up with something to be proud of.

Rainbow Roll of Honour
This embroidered cloth for example ~ a neatly stitched rainbow of the names of all those who were awarded the Victoria Cross in WWI. Simple yet stunning, and inspirational in more ways than one.
The Four Alls, a traditional pub sign. This version was painted c. 1850.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to sneak many photos without the guards rushing over so I guess you're going to have to go see for yourself the intricate needlepainitngs by Mary Linwood, the carved figureheads and shop signs, the beautifully constructed patchwork quilts.

British Folk Art will be on display at Tate Britain until 31st August. Go see it, you know you want to!

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