Sunday, 6 July 2014

And Now For Something Completely Fabulous!

While our friends across the pond were celebrating their Independence Day, I was in our nation's capital celebrating one of the most talented and successful comedy teams of all time . . .

Monty Python!

With a combined age of 357, some critics questioned if the Python team reuniting was a good idea. I wondered the same thing myself. I'm a huge Python fan, but would this show be painful to watch or hilarious? And what about the 'One Down' - how would they get around missing the late Graham Chapman?

Well I was prepared to risk it, after all how many times are we likely to get this sort of opportunity?

I gladly spent a fortune at the merchandise stands scattered around the O2 ~ a programme was a must, and of course t-shirts! (I had to promise this would be the only time we would wear them in public together!)

Our seats were terrifyingly high up, they were the only ones I could afford! But once the lights dimmed and the show started I forgot how far the fall was, I was too busy laughing!
There was no way there was time for all the favourite sketches (there are just too many!) but of course there were Vikings, Spam, a Dead Parrot, a Lumberjack, Four Yorkshiremen, a Wink and a Nudge, and everybody expected the Spanish Inquisition! There was a Penguin on the Telly, Ann Elk shared her latest theory, and a special celebrity surprise on Blackmail.

The on-stage sketches were interspersed with dance routines (and chorus scenes, and footwork im-pecc-able!) and on screen snippets of old sketches and Gilliam's wonderful animation, including one of my personal favourites, Conrad Poohs and his Dancing Teeth!

The big screens were put to great use while costume changes were made ~ Brian Cox came on screen to explain the factual inaccuracies of the Galaxy Song, but it was ok because Stephen Hawking ran him over and even sang a few lines! As well as appearing in a few of the old sketches, Graham Chapman occasionally popped on screen to warn us when things were getting too silly, and even kicked off the final number - Christmas in Heaven.

The occasional fluffed line and corpsing Python only added to the joy of seeing five comedy geniuses enjoying what they do best. If you can get hold of a ticket for one of the remaining shows, I urge you to do so. If not, you can watch their very last show in cinemas around the country on 20th July.
Now . . .

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