Friday, 24 January 2014

Let me tell you a secret

My yarn stash is waaaaay to big. Frankly, it's getting ridiculous. I have a big ali baba style laundry basket full of odds and bobs, as well as a large chest of drawers stuffed with packs of yarn, and bag upon bag of half-finished projects and experiments. And yet I still can't walk away from a bargain!
Today I'm going to share with you a super cheap way of buying yarn that I have used several times in the past ~ scarves on sale. Our local Primark often sells off fabulously chunky scarves for only a pound or two at the end of the season, and some of these things are huge! Today I bought two relatively soft chunky cowls, reduced from £5 each to £2.
I love variegated yarns, and was especially drawn by the short splashes of colour in this one. All you have to do is sit down with a cup of tea (and maybe a little box of chocs, why not!) and unpick the scarf, winding it into balls as you go. I was surprised to see this unwind into one variegated and one cream ball, but it's still perfect for what I have planned.
The cowls I bought yielded 180 grammes of yarn each, but Primark was selling off some lovely cobalt blue cowls, twice the size of these, for only £1 each! You could never buy such lovely soft yarn in the shops for that price.
So next time you're browsing the sales, have a think about what you could remake from some of the bargains.

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