Friday, 15 November 2013

Christmas Craftalong #3 ~ Tinsel Wreath

Tinsel wreaths are all the rage at the moment, and they are incredibly easy to make using decorations you already have.

Compass and pencil (or plates to use as a template)
approx. 4 metres of tinsel
approx. 25cm / 10" ribbon
little baubles or other festive bits
staple gun
sticky tape

Start by drawing your wreath shape onto a sturdy piece of cardboard. I used a compass to make a 4.5" circle inside a 9" circle, but you can use a large plate and a saucer or similar to create your template if you don't have a compass. Once you have cut out your shape, staple or stick your piece of ribbon to form a hanging loop.

Next, tape the end of your tinsel to the back of the wreath and start winding it around your cardboard hoop. 

When you get to the end, tuck the tail well under the wrapped tinsel, at the back of the wreath if possible, but tinsel is very forgiving so if it ends at the front don't worry too much!

To hang the baubles you can use the little hooks that you use to put them on christmas trees, but I found that made mine too dangly. So I took some unused staples, threaded them through the holes on the baubles, and bent them into tiny hooks which snagged into the tinsel.

They were a little fiddly to hang, but did the job just fine!

These wreaths are so simple and versatile, you can make any colour combination you like.

And because they are so light you don't have to worry about banging a nail in, as a piece of Blu Tack is man enough for the job.
If you don't have 4 metres of the same colour tinsel, try winding a couple of different colours around to create a stripy effect.
I hope you have fun making some of your own wreaths. What will you use to decorate yours?

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