Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summertime, and the lollies are easy

Summer has arrived here in the UK in a BIG way ~ it feels like the first summer we've had in years! Bakingly blue skies, and heat that presses you down into your sun-lounger and makes even salad seem like too much hard work.
The kids are constantly wanting ice-creams and ice-pops, and it can get very expensive, not to mention unhealthy! But you don't have to keep on forking out for ice-creams every time Mr Whippy drives by, making your own has never been easier. There are all sorts of cute lolly moulds on the market these days. I got my set in a pound shop, but here are some fancier versions:
These cute bunnies are from the Treloar online charity shop
Silicone Kitchenware sells these lovely bumpy red moulds.

Or if rocket ships are more your thing, fly on over to Ethical Superstore

So now you've got your moulds, here are some quick and easy (and cheap!) ideas for making your own delicious ice lollies:

Fruit Juice ~ I prefer one of the thicker juices to make an ice pop. Try Guava, Lychee or Mango for a sweet fruity pop.

Milkshake ~ Shop bought or homemade, it's easy peasy to make your own mini milks at home.

Smoothie ~ Blend a banana or two with some strawberries (or blueberries, or blackberries, or kiwi, or . . . well, you get the idea!) and enough milk to make a nice creamy consistency.

Fro Yo ~ A large tub of fat-free yoghurt can cost as little as a pound and makes a delicious and creamy lolly. Or how about one of those yoghurty drinks?

Angel Delight ~ This fabulous 70's pudding makes a great iced treat too, just follow the directions on the packet but be sure to pour into the moulds quickly as it sets fast!

So which one will you start with? I put a batch of coconut yoghurt lollies in the freezer this morning, I wonder if they've set yet . . .

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