Friday, 19 July 2013

Let's not pave Paradise

I live in a city that's chock-full of terraced housing, mainly Victorian and Edwardian. Most of them have nothing but a small forecourt in the front, with space enough for a couple of bins or a well-padlocked bike. But there are a few streets which have a small garden space at the front of their property. Some have a little hedge, or some plants in pots, but very few have any lawn any more ~ they've been paved, bricked or gravelled over, either to provide extra parking space, or just because the owners don't want the hassle of dragging a mower through the house to keep it looking tidy. And while I sympathise with them (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned just how lazy my ass is!) it does make me sad that we're concreting over so much of the world. There has to be a better way!

And then, while out walking my dog, I discovered that someone has found that better way, and put it into action . . .

Turn your front yard into a mini meadow!

No mowing, no concrete, just a beautiful little meadow outside your window which looks good, smells good, and provides lots of lovely flowers for bees and butterflies!

I only have a tiny forecourt in front of my house, but if I ever get a big enough space I will be shamelessly copying this idea.

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