Thursday, 21 March 2013

Farewell old friend

When I was in my teens (17? 19? Something like that!) my friend gave me a Binatone Moontime MkII radio alarm clock for my birthday. It has a built-in lamp on an extendy arm, variable brightness on the display, and it has been working perfectly for over 20 years!!! They genuinely don't make them like that any more!
However, the buttons are getting very stiff, and resetting the time (which involves going through all 24 hours!) when the clocks change is painful for both of us. Plus, it's HUGE! It almost fills my bedside table!
So when I spotted some gloriously cheery little alarm clocks on a recent trip to Ikea, and co-ordinating lamps too, I figured it was time to retire my Binatone Moontime MkII. Now I have a spacious and cheery bedside table.


And a very guilty conscience!

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