Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Midsummer Elderflower Cake

Can you believe it, Midsummer is almost upon us! Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice, or Litha as it is also known ~ the longest day of the year, and a time for faeries and flowers. This year I am celebrating with cake!

I'm terrible for tweaking recipes. I know you should never mess with baking recipes but I do it all the time and they mostly work. This time I took my favourite basic vanilla cake recipe and substituted the vanilla for a double dose of elderflower cordial (from the recipe I posted here). I also added lemon zest and juice to the mix before baking in a silicon flower-shaped mould. As soon as the cake was done (it always takes a lot longer in a silicon mould) I turned it out onto a plate and drizzled on a mixture of elderflower cordial, lemon juice and sugar. This cake is quite dense and takes a drizzle really well, plus all the ridges in the petals get a nice crunch. The original plan was to cut the cake tomorrow, but we couldn't even wait for it to cool!

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