Friday, 29 June 2012

Jammin' at the School Fete

Despite the torrential downpours, floods and hailstorms, it really is summer here in the UK! And so the lovely tradition of the school fete means I have been rather busy lately building up my jam stocks. Today was the first fete for me this year at a local junior school. We had some obligatory rain, but luckily the school was prepared and most of the events were easily moved indoors. For privacy reasons I'm not going to post lots of pics of the fete, it is a school thing after all and it doesn't feel right to share pictures of children without their parent's permission. But here are some shots of me and my set up.

 I like to be within easy reach of a fire alarm!

Setting out tasters has really helped my sales. I found people were reluctant to pay homemade prices until they tasted homemade products and realised it was worth paying more than supermarket rates. Plus it looks good, and it's a great way to interact with the customers.

I've made chocolate bark as christmas gifts before. It's quick and easy to make, looks great, and tastes even better.

This is the first time I've sold it, and it went down pretty well. As did the Ginger Beer, another new product on the table. Luckily I still have a half bottle at home and enjoyed a glass while watching Wimbledon, another great summer tradition. The weather may not realise it's summer yet, but ginger beer and tennis remind me that it's June :)


  1. Gosh it all looks so professional! I'd buy some but it's all the way in Engerland :(

  2. Thanks Shadow :) It would be a bit of an epic journey for a jar of jam!