Monday, 14 May 2012

Whetting your Appetite

I'm so looking forward to sharing the Christmas Craftalong tutorials with you. I was hoping to get the work for the first one done this weekend but a bug had me on the sofa being all weak and feeble. I managed to finish off a couple of little stitchy bits (meet Ingrid!) but only because they were lying around and didn't need a lot of prep!
So until I can find the time (this weekend? keep your fingers crossed!) to get the craft made, photographed (ugh, my most sucky thing) and typed up, I thought I would share some other fabulous crafting sites with you, to whet your appetite.

Daily Craft is a great site full of tips and tutorials for all sorts of crafts including knitting, papercraft, and sewing. They have free e-books, and kid-friendly projects too.

Shelterness leans more towards diy and decorating, with lots of cool ideas and tutorials for gifts and home accessories.

favecrafts is possibly the largest craft ideas site I've come across. It's easy to search for crafts for specific holidays (ie Christmas or Halloween) and there are lots of free knitting and crochet patterns.

So why not make yourself a cup of tea, help yourself to a slice of cake, and  go check them out. Have a mooch around, see if anything inspires you. And I'll be along soon with my first ever tutorial.

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