Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Fruits of my Labour

I've always been a bit contrary. Not on purpose! I just never seem to fit into the world's way of doing things. So I guess it is perfectly natural for me to 'hibernate' during the summer months, and spring into action in the autumn. Part of this is the massive change in routine that having the kids out of school causes, part of it is the heat ~ who wants to be rushing around when it's sweltery hot?! And I guess part of the kick start is the thought that there are only 111 days until Christmas!

So now the kids are back at school (well, mine doesn't start back until tomorrow) and the weather is on the turn (well, it will be by the weekend) I feel spurred on to create. I have managed to finish my first Christmas gift (I know it sounds early, but you can't leave homemade gifts until the last minute. Unless it's cookies) and now I've launched a new range in my Etsy shop . . .

Fruity Baby Hats!


I may need to make a Satsuma for myself! What flavours would you like to see?

There are more fruity hats on the way, but for now you can buy these (and other awesome things!) in my Etsy shop

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