Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Cultural Eggstravaganza Continues

This Easter weekend has been a real cultural eggstravaganza (feel free to groan at the masterful way I combined both a cliché and a pun into a single word!)

After Good Friday's amazing London trip I spent a couple of recuperating days scoffing chocolate of various springtime shapes, before heading down to the local Aspex Gallery on Easter Monday. They are showing a small but perfectly-formed exhibition of Susanna Bauer's intricate work.

Susanna is a Cornwall-based artist who uses natural objects such as driftwood, stones and leaves which she then embellishes with the most painstakingly tiny and intricate crochet and stitching I have ever seen!

I can't imagine how many leaves she scrunched up in temper while working!

 And how on earth she managed to fill this block is beyond me!

It's times like this when I really berate my poor photography skills, but hopefully this has given you a tantalising taste of her amazing skills. You can see much more, and in much better detail, on her website, or at the exhibition itself, which runs 'til the end of April.

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