Saturday, 7 July 2012

Velkommen til Portsmouth

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic here. I had another jam sale to prepare for which went really well. My Ginger Beer proved very popular, but luckily I managed to save a couple of bottles to enjoy myself ;)
I've also been preparing for a visit from some lovely friends who are flying in from the Land of the Vikings. Any readers who know me will realise that means a LOT of tidying and housework, something I am most severely allergic too! But I've also made some little gifts for the children.

Some little drawing books made from recycled cardboard . . . .

and can you guess what these are? Well, I'm so pleased with how they turned out I may just make some for the shop.

But it's not just been presents for the kids, I've also been tarting up the house.

My number 8 looked sad and lonely before I made it this snazzy frame. I just sprayed an old picture frame a bright bubblegum pink.

I think it cheers the whole front of the house right up, and with the Jubilee / Olympic bunting still up, I think it will be a lovely greeting for our Nordic visitors ♥

Now, if only we can get the sun to visit too . . . .

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