Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cheery Chicken and the Budgies of Doom!

Hello, and Welcome to my Blog!
I set this up ages ago, then forgot I had it. Now I'm at the point where I want to share some of the stuff I make, do, and find. I will be mainly blogging about craft, because I love to make things, and also about treasures I find 'thrifting'.

Hmmm, thrifting. This is really an American word, but I will use it here as it best covers a wide range of ways to get hold of second-hand goods. In England we use carboot sales, charity shops, junk shops, jumble sales, and rifling through skips in the dead of night er, you know, just finding stuff.
I ♥ thrifting. It appeals to my inner skinflint, eco-warrior, and lover of vintage and shabby chic, though I don't only thrift for old items ~ any tat will do! For example:

How kitsch-tastic are these guys?! I call them my Budgies of Doom, because they have such a sinister stare. (I know they don't look sinister here, but that's because they pulled a silly face when I took the photo). I found this fabulous thermometer in a local charity shop for £1.99 and it's pretty accurate too! We've had unseasonably warm weather here lately and it was almost 20C at about 4pm the day I took this shot.

This may be a craft blog, but it won't all be about my latest stock and there will be no photos of my feet (what's that all about anyway?!) Though I will unashamedly break that rule if I acquire any really splendid shoes ;) I will share with you what I'm making for the shop (I'd be crazy not to), but I also intend to share tutorials on some of the things I do, and links to some other people who do the same, as I know that people who read craft blogs often want to make what they read about! I would ask you to respect my products though, everything I make is to my own designs. If I do share something I've made from another tutorial I will share that information with you.

So these are the main things I shall blog about, though I'm sure other stuff will creep in here and there! I hope to be able to pretty up the blog as I figure out how to do it, and include proper links to other blogs and places of interest. For now, here are some links to 'me' stuff:

My Facebook page:

My Etsy shop:

and you can follow me on Twitter:

I look forward to seeing you around!

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